Designing for Travelers

At an airport, resort, hotel, or any other space that caters to travelers, no two people will have the same agenda, goals, or personal taste. Yet, there are still commonalities in how such spaces can be optimized for users. Finding comfortable moments, maintaining host brand integrity, creating a space that's responsive and flexible—these challenges and more are discussed by IA team members Adam Treiser, Gisselle Amador, and Marlene Liriano.


The most important element when designing a space for travelers is to understand how people walk, and where they migrate to. In a space you want them to feel comfortable and to know where they're going.

Gisselle Amador, IA Interior Architects

Watch the video above to hear some of their insights, or click on the link below to view the case studies for brands like American Airlines, American Express Centurion Lounge, the United Club, and other spaces that create comfort and instagrammable moments for travelers.

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