35 Years of Excellence

In 35 years, everything about how we conduct the business of architecture has changed—but nothing has about why. Join us as we celebrate 35 years of friends, clients, and our dynamic array of talent, ever dedicated to pushing the boundaries of interiors.

It’s a culture built not only on talent and expertise, but a culture built on incredible people who give a damn about design.
- Cheryl Durst, Hon. FIIDA | Executive VP & CEO, IIDA
I’m just so proud of where you’ve been and where you’re going—the future is bright with IA.
- Cindy Allen | Editor in Chief, Interior Design Magazine
 David Gensemer, Google
I would say without IA, the world would be missing a great architectural firm—interior architecture would be in a different place. 
- David Gensemer | Development Executive, Google

By Robert Atkinson | Project Manager, Associate In a recent post, we began to explore climate positive technologies that capture, store, or sequester more greenhouse emissions than we produce. We looked at the significant role all businesses and particularly small businesses must play in this process, and the natural technologies that remove CO2. Now we …continued.

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Net-zero status has different implications for organizations of different sizes, and IA’s Robert Atkinson takes a look at how different solutions will have to be embraced if we want to combat climate change effectively.

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For a variety of reasons, lighting fixtures are especially prone to supply chain disruptions. With the advent of LEDs, lighting is now squarely a tech industry, dependent on a steady supply of chips and other high-tech components similar to consumer electronics and the auto industry, which has seen entire plants shut down due to electronics shortages.

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